Details About Cras Est Nostrum in National Treasure: Edge of History, Explored


Cormac and Marianne Wibberley originated The series “National Treasure: Edge of History” .

The story revolves around  who learns that her family is tied to a famous Pan-American treasure.

The story of this series is unique as it circumscribe a young DACA woman named Jess aka Lisette Olivera for a famous Pan-American fortune.

As Jess and her friends search for it, they discover that a mysterious organization, called Cras est Nostrum or Tomorrow is Ours, is keeping a close eye on them.

This article will explore the role of Cras est Nostrum in the show. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Cras est Nostrum: Who Are They?

Cras est Nostrum plays a vital role in “National Treasure: Edge of History,” but their true identity is still unknown. Billie aka Catherine Zeta-Jones is a member of Cras est nostrum. Many agents like Kacey and Dario works under her leadership.

National Treasure: Edge of History Cast Members

20 years prior, Rafael was also a member of the organization until he betrayed them and became a traitor. At the time, we were told he betrayed Salazar, but it is later revealed that Salazar is not a specific person but a title given to the head of Cras est nostrum.

The secret society has existed since ancient Egyptians’ days, and its purpose is to destroy any treasures that could alter human history and preserve the existing world order.

The recent Salazar is Hendricks, who work as a covert FBI agent. He worked under Peter Sadusky (Harvey Keitel) early in his career, and both “National Treasure” films feature his presence.

Sadly, he went on to kill his former mentor as the treasure hunt resumed. It is also hinted that Cras est nostrum was responsible for the death of Sadusky’s son.

Agents of Cras est Nostrum believe they are doing good to maintain the status quo, no matter what  their terrible actions are. These agents are focused and can make any sacrifice to achieve the cause. 20 years ago, Hendricks killed Billie’s brother, Sebastian, labelling  him a liability.

Similarly, after Kacey was shot, Hendricks also killed her, calling her a liability. This ultimately leads to Billie killing Hendricks and taking on the role of Salazar.

Rafael spent 20 years in a Mexican prison pretending to be Salazar to maintain his anonymity. Even Cras est nostrum was unaware of his survival, as Billie was shocked to see him there. This highlights another important aspect of the organization: they are powerful, but there are limitations to their power and influence.


Very few people have uncovered the true identity of Cras est Nostrum, and even fewer have lived to tell their tale. Peter Sadusky learned of their existence before being killed by their leader.

The beard man Jess and her friends thought was following them also knew the truth, and he tried to warn them not to search for the treasure, knowing what Cras est nostrum intended to do with it. Sadly, he was killed while relaying the information to Jess and Rafael.

Initially, the audience believes that Cras est Nostrum and Salazar’s organization are separate entities. But in episode 4, Billie meets other significant members of Cras est Nostrum, and it becomes clear that they are not separate organizations but one large and dangerous group.

Billie is not after the treasure to get rich or correct historical mistakes, as she already has sufficient wealth through her crypto empire. Instead, she is pursuing the treasure because she believes in the mission of Cras est nostrum, which is why she even continues to track Jess and her friends.

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