Deputy Mayor Vladimir put on a helmet on a cap and gave rise to hilarious memes, colleagues stood up for him


Another “most protected official” was discovered in the Russian province – Deputy Head of Administration, Head of the Department of Architecture and Construction of Vladimir Sergey Sysuev. He put on a construction helmet on a cap, which was immediately compared with the recent decision of a representative of a veterans’ organization in the Novgorod region.

Life contacted the head of the public relations and media department of the city administration, Alexander Karpilovich, who stated that Sysuev did not violate safety precautions, since the baseball cap repeated the shape of the head.

“There are safety measures at construction sites, and it’s simply impossible to be at a construction site without a helmet … It’s absolutely safe. If you notice, unlike some colleagues from other regions who wear helmets over fur hats, earflaps and other massive headgear, my colleague put on a helmet on a baseball cap that follows the shape of the head, he explained.

According to Karpilovich, the administration does not pay attention to the memes that have appeared on the Internet, because Sergey Sysuev is “the right guy.”

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