Demand and prices for red roses increased in Chelyabinsk before Valentine’s Day

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In Chelyabinsk, before February 14, Valentine’s Day, expensive bouquets of red roses are bought up. This was reported to URA.RU by Damir, the owner of the Roz-Market flower delivery company.

“The greatest demand among flowers is for red roses. Buyers take bouquets more expensive. Moreover, there is no clear increase in demand for one or another size of the leg, ”said Damir, the owner of the company.

The businessman noted that roses can be bought during the holidays, but they may not meet the wishes, for example, in terms of the length of the stem. Damir also noted URA.RU the rise in prices for flowers.

“The cost of roses from suppliers on the eve of the holidays increased by 30%. Hence the increase in prices for bouquets in retail stores,” said Damir.

The company for the wholesale supply of flowers “Bamboo” URA.RU explained that the rise in price is due to an increase in the cost of transportation and an increase in prices at points of purchase. Rose growers have increased their value.


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