Damascus reports 1,414 dead in earthquake


The death toll in Syria during the earthquake in the territory controlled by Damascus, according to the latest data, is 1,414 people. This was announced on February 12 on the Al Mayadeen TV channel by the head of the Syrian Ministry of Health. Hasan al-Gabash.

Syria, ruins

Syria, ruins

Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

He also said that 2349 people were hospitalized with injuries. The minister stressed that the data is not yet final, as the rescuers continue to conduct search operations.

Earlier, the Syrian Ministry of Health reported 1,408 dead.

It is worth noting that the former head of the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean for Emergencies Richard Brennan said that about 4,000 people died in the territory controlled by Damascus, and about 4,500 died on the territory of the rebels.

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