Cybersecurity companies want to give tax incentives

Companies working in the field of information security should be equalized in their rights to tax benefits with IT developers. Anton Nemkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, stated this to Parliamentary Newspaper.

Those support measures that were introduced by the state to support the IT industry in crisis conditions include, among other things, the provision of tax benefits to IT companies, the deputy specified. Federal Law No. 67-FZ, which amended the Tax Code, for three years, starting in 2022, the tax rate for income tax is 0% for Russian IT companies, the parliamentarian explained.

The “zero” interest rate is applied provided that at least 70% of the total profit of an IT organization is income from the types of activities established by paragraph 1.15 of Article 284 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. However, now the benefits are mainly received by software developers. This happened due to the fact that paragraph 1.15 of Article 284 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation does not take into account other areas of work in the field of IT, ”Nemkin added.

As a result, all those who ensure information security and system security, who maintain the IT infrastructure and organize remote access to it, who monitor and analyze data, as well as other functionality, remained outside these benefits, the deputy emphasized.

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“But we are well aware that IT is not only software development. Not to mention the fact that in today’s difficult conditions, information security and management of complex infrastructure, ensuring the operability of computers and software and hardware systems are becoming key functions in the high-tech sphere. The current situation creates disproportionate competitive advantages, and the lack of equal support will inevitably lead not only to the disproportionate development of these areas, but also to a general slowdown in the development of the IT industry,” Nemkin said.

The full material will be published on the Parliamentary Newspaper website at a later date.


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