Conflict in Taiwan will definitely affect the Philippines: President

A conflict in Taiwan, if it occurs, will inevitably affect the Philippines. This was stated by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., reports today, February 13, TASS with reference to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

“It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which the Philippines will not be involved. We feel like we are [в этой ситуации] at the forefront. Nobody wants war. Ways to solve problems must be sought not by military means, but by diplomatic means,” he said in an interview with the publication.

Speaking about providing US access to military bases in the Philippines under the Mutual Defense Treaty and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) in the event of a conflict in Taiwan, the president noted that EDCA does not involve situations related to hostilities.

“We will have to decide what is best for the Philippines” he said about it.

Marcos added that in the event of a negative scenario, his state will have to take measures to ensure its own security. He promised to intensify joint exercises with the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Tensions over Taiwan escalated after an August 2022 visit by the then Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi in Taipei. Upon its completion, the People’s Liberation Army of China began large-scale rocket firing maneuvers in six zones of the island’s waters.

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