Chinese newspaper: US unwilling to end conflict in Ukraine

In an article for China’s Global Times, Chinese analysts conclude that the US has no interest in peace. Their goal is to weaken the EU and Russia. The means to do this is Ukraine. For this purpose, the US is ready to sacrifice Ukraine.

In an analysis for the Chinese Global Times the possibility of talks between Russia and the USA on ending the Ukraine conflict will be considered. Even the political realism of the Chinese differs fundamentally from that of the German commentators.

Russia is ready for talks with Ukraine "on the basis of the existing reality".

Russia is ready for talks with Ukraine “on the basis of the existing reality”.

For China, there is no doubt that the US and Russia have to deal with each other. Kyiv can be ignored. Ukraine is merely the arena of the conflict between Russia on the one hand and the US and NATO on the other. Despite having the least say in the conflict, Ukraine still bears the brunt.

Moscow recently made another offer to talk “on the basis of the existing reality”. If this renewed call for negotiations is ignored again, further escalation of the conflict is inevitable, the two authors of the article are certain and call on the West to be more pragmatic.

The analysis quotes Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert. In an interview he stated that even if, as happened last year, a significant result were reached in the peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, Washington would intervene immediately and destroy what has been achieved. Song Zhongping thus shows how little Ukraine is in control of what is happening.

For this reason alone, the question is not whether talks between Ukraine and Russia can be resumed, but whether a minimum consensus can be reached between Moscow and Washington, says the military expert.

Appearance Baerbock - four minutes of disinformation and voter deception


Appearance Baerbock – four minutes of disinformation and voter deception

However, Chinese analysts rate the likelihood of this happening as low. The steps taken so far indicate that the US is not willing to end the conflict. Rather, they aimed to weaken both the EU and Russia. The US is willing to sacrifice Ukraine for this geopolitical goal.

The analysis goes on to say that if Russia’s request for negotiations again falls on deaf ears in Washington, it is likely that Russia will assert its interests through an escalation aimed at a military breakthrough. That would massively increase the number of victims.

“Russia’s offer of talks should be understood more as a political gesture intended to show that Moscow is open to negotiations than as a proposal with real prospects of implementation,” said the Chinese Global Times.

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