Children lie to their parents when they can’t handle something


Almost all children lie to their parents. As a rule, these lies are harmless. In conversation with RIA “FederalPress” psychologist Polina Malakhova explained at what points the situation is under control, and when it is still worth worrying.

“Children’s lies are of two types: during the game to create the world and compensation for reality, when the child does not cope with something”Malakhova explained.

According to her, in the first case, it is completely normal if the child changes his name, “turns” into an animal, and so on. Thus, he creates a game reality around him, and this is due to the development of his creative abilities.

The second case is more serious. In a situation where a child cannot cope with something, the truth is as unacceptable for him as his lies are for his parents. Malakhova cited as an example a story when a girl is afraid of the dark, so she called her friend if no one was at home in the evening. However, the parents do not allow to invite guests in their absence, so the child had to lie.

Children do not know other ways to achieve goals, do not count on the understanding of adults and are afraid that they will be punished. All this creates the basis for children’s lies, the psychologist emphasized. The problem can be solved by dialogue. According to Malakhova, it’s enough for a child to say that you don’t like lying, and also to explain how it affects trust and relationships in the family. At the same time, it is important to be an example yourself and react calmly to the truth, the expert added.


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