Chelyabinsk police pulled a car with a mushroom picker out of the forest

Rosavtodor preventive campaign “pit stop for truckers.”  Chelyabinsk, traffic police, highway, traffic police, road, traffic police

In the Yetkul district (Chelyabinsk region), traffic police officers pulled a mushroom picker’s car out of the forest that was stuck. This was reported to URA.RU by the press service of the regional police headquarters.

“The man drove his car into the forest in the evening to pick mushrooms. An unexpected rainfall washed out the forest road, and the mushroom picker’s car skidded. The man was unable to leave the forest, so he called emergency services. Since help was needed immediately, and all rescue crews were on the road, the call was forwarded to the traffic police department in the Etkul district,” the department’s press service reported.

Traffic police inspectors Ivan Pudov and Nikolai Kozlov, after several hours of searching, found a car with a mushroom picker three kilometers from the village of Bektysh. Traffic police officers towed the car onto a paved road. Gribnik wrote a letter to the head of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in which he thanked the employees who helped him.


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