Italy forgot Corona in the excitement of Euro Cup victory, now the third wave

As soon as Italy won the Euro Cup, there were fierce parties on the streets and streets of Rome, Milan, Florence. People were seen partying without masks and social distancing. After a week of these celebrations, the number of corona cases in Italy is increasing continuously.

This village is situated inside the ground, everything from houses to shops to churches is underground

By the way, usually the villages are settled on the ground or on the mountain. But you know that there is a village in the world which is made underground. All the people here live underground. From shops, churches, malls, hotels to schools, everything is underground.


New law made in North Korea, now this work will be punishable by death

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, known for his dictatorial decisions in North Korea, has made the rules even more strict in his country. Some time ago a law has been passed in North Korea, according to which if any person shares content related to the media of South Korea, America and Japan, then he can be sentenced to death.


PHOTO: Photos of luxurious palace of Russian police officer arrested in bribery case viral

Footage has been released of the mansion of the Russian traffic officer arrested in the bribery case, his lavish rooms, extravagant decorations, a billiards hall and even a golden toilet. .

WHO warns – Delta variant has spread in 124 countries, will be more deadly in a few months

Let us tell you that the World Health Organization has listed Alpha, whose first case was reported in Britain, Beta whose first case was reported in South Africa and Gamma variant, whose first case was reported in Brazil, in the list of Variants of Concern. Is. According to the updated information of WHO, alpha has so far spread in 180 countries of the world, beta variant in about 130 countries and gamma in about 78 countries. (Photo Courtesy News18 English)


In Argentina this chemical has turned the water of the lake pink, people are worried

In the southern Patagonia region of Argentina, the entire water of a huge lake has turned pink. Experts and environmental activists say that the reason for this lake turning pink is a chemical, which is used to export lobster. (All photos – AP)


UFO visible in the sky for 7 minutes! The person made the video from the plane itself

Many people in the world have claimed to have seen UFOs and Aliens. However, so far no scientific evidence has been found about the other world and its people. However, continuous news is coming out from America and UK (US & UK) regarding aliens. Including the talk of seeing UFOs by the US military several times. Now a German man has claimed to have seen a UFO and has also shared its video.


When the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima-Nagasaki, Japan, it earned

Truman wanted cities that would have enough bombing effect, military production being the key to causing the greatest damage to Japan’s combat capability. Hiroshima was perfect for this. Japan’s seventh largest city, which was the headquarters of its country’s Second Army and the Chgoku Army. It contained the country’s largest military supply storehouses.


This man reached the jail due to the craze of antique things, the weapons of the second world war found from the house

Flick had hidden weapons from the Nazi Germany era at his home. This includes tanks, cannons, torpedoes, rifles, 2000 rounds of bullets. (Photo- AP)


The judge reduced the punishment by saying that the rape happened for only 11 minutes, protests across the country

Not only this, the woman judge also made such comments about the victim, which increased the controversy. The judge said that the victim must have sent signals to the accused. So the courage of the accused must have increased. The judge said that this is a very minor mistake. (Photo- AP)


Greece’s Avia island burning for a week, fire broke out in 586 places

After the fire, officials engaged in relief work said that the people who were trapped on Evia had to struggle the most. Because, it is becoming difficult to operate the aircraft due to dense smoke in the area.


The European Union warned the Taliban, said – if they gain power through violence, this will be the result…

The European Union has warned that the Taliban would be isolated from the international community if they took power through violence. The Taliban have also conquered Herat and Kandahar, 130 km from Kabul. On Thursday, European Union foreign policy chief Yosep Borrell issued a statement saying, “If power is seized by force and an Islamic emirate is established If so, the Taliban will not be recognized and will have to face international non-cooperation. Afghanistan’s instability will also face the possibility of continuing the fighting.” Borrell said the EU wants to continue to partner and support the Afghan people, but that support will be subject to a peaceful and inclusive agreement and respect for the fundamental rights of all Afghan people, including women, youth and minorities. Afghan Borrell stressed that the progress made in the status of women and girls over the past two decades, especially in the field of education, should be protected. He called for an immediate halt to violence in Afghanistan and the start of peace talks with the government in Kabul. Appealed. Borrell has also appealed to the government of Afghanistan to resolve their political differences and increase the representation of all parties and talk to the Taliban unitedly.(Photo Courtesy News18 English)