Career consultant Mukhina called the most opportune moment for a conversation with superiors

FBA “Economy Today”

Many employees are wary of contacting their superiors directly. According to a career consultant, psychologist Anna Mukhina, this is quite understandable. In conversation with FAN the expert explained the reasons for the fear of communicating with the management and named the most appropriate moment for a conversation with the authorities.

According to Anna Mukhina, most often employees do not want to draw attention to themselves for fear of incurring the wrath of the manager.

“This pattern can be traced from the field of psychology. We are all afraid of being rejected, we are all afraid of being rejected in one way or another. This is not only about work, but in general in a number of other cases, when it is difficult for one person to turn to a more significant person with a request, ”said the career consultant.

FBA “Economy Today”

Speaking about the fear of the leadership, the FAN interlocutor noted that in communicating with the authorities, it is also necessary to take into account some simple psychological tricks.

“You don’t have to go to the boss when he is angry after some important meeting. You don’t have to come when he’s going to have dinner. Such things must be taken into account. We all know about the human characteristics of our bosses. It is better to come when the boss is relaxed, calm, after dinner, when he is not running anywhere. It’s better not to schedule conversations at the beginning and end of the working day, ”concluded Anna Mukhina.

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