Career consultant Anna Mukhina explained how to overcome fear and achieve a salary increase

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Almost every sixth Russian is afraid to apply to the employer for a salary increase. In conversation with FAN career counselor, psychologist Anna Mukhina explained how to overcome the fear of the authorities and get a raise.

According to the expert, the most important thing in working moments is to understand that relationships at work are professional relationships, regulated and by no means personal. When hiring a person, in fact, he sells his professional skills, because it is not in vain that the concept of “labor market” exists.

“The relationship between the employer and the hired employee is in some way a market one. An elementary example, a seller in the market sells his tomatoes, sets a certain price, including taking into account market conditions. For example, if everyone’s tomatoes have risen in price, then mine has risen in price. Or, for example, my tomatoes are better than neighbors’ tomatoes, so the price will be higher. So the employee has a certain product that he sells. In no case does he sell himself, but offers the employer his skills, his experience, knowledge, and so on, ”the FAN interlocutor explained.

Global Look Press |  Nikolay Gyngazov/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Nikolay Gyngazov/Russian Look

So, Anna Mukhina recommends restructuring your perception of work and leaving your personal zone. This means that the employer needs to be motivated to increase wages. The expert also drew attention to the fact that personal desires, such as, for example, the inability to pay bills, the illness of a loved one or other life difficulties, cannot be the basis for salary adjustments.

“You shouldn’t take everything personally: “Oh, they didn’t raise my salary! Oh, they don’t like me! I’m a bad person.” No! If a person has mastered a new area, improved his skills, learned something, if he took on more responsibility, completed some significant project, took responsibility for other employees, then objectively the quality of the goods has improved, like the quality of the same tomato. This is what will serve as the basis for talking about wage adjustments. In response, the firm must take into account new factors, ”explained the expert.

Earlier, Otkritie Bank and Rosgosstrakh presented the results of a study that revealed that most Russians want to earn up to 100,000 rubles a month in 2023.


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