Cardiologist Gavrilova listed ways to suffer less due to a sudden change in weather

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You can cope with the deterioration of well-being that manifests itself from a sharp change in temperature with the help of rest and various life hacks that will alleviate the symptoms of weather dependence. Natalya Gavrilova, a cardiologist and head physician of the Scandinavian Health Center, gave her advice for the Russians.

“It is advisable to give up active work for the duration of the attack, in favor of rest and slow, deep, controlled breathing, which will also allow you to relax. At such moments, it is recommended not to overwork, reduce caffeine intake, drink more pure water, ”reports“Reedus” Gavrilova’s words.

The expert added that it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the symptoms. So, with a decrease in blood pressure, it is worth taking a contrast shower, and sedatives will help to cope with high blood pressure. It is also important to pay attention to the nature of the changes. “For example, in the fall, in the absence of sufficient sunlight, there is an acute shortage of vitamin D – which is why many people report a breakdown, drowsiness and a general depressive mood,” the publication noted.

Earlier, dietitian Elena Solomatina named products that will help maintain a strong immune system. For this, they also need to be consumed every day.


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