“Bridgehead against Russia”: sociologist Grill pointed to the only role of Ukraine in the politics of the West

FBA “Economy Today”

Ruined and problematic Ukraine is not needed by anyone in the European Union. This opinion was expressed by a Russian sociologist, publicist and public figure Philip Grill in an interview with a FAN correspondent.

Unexpectedly quickly received by the state the status of a candidate for accession to the EU gave rise to “unrealistic expectations” among the citizens of the country. Kyiv’s path to Europe will be long, according to the German newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

According to Grill, EU membership this is an “endless story” for the manipulation of Ukrainians from the series “the elbow is close, but you won’t bite.” It is necessary for the inhabitants of the state to fight better and die for an unrealizable dream.

From the personal photo archive of Philippe Grill
From the personal photo archive of Philippe Grill

“In reality, no one in the EU needs a huge and ruined, problematic “square”. She has one role and task to be a bridgehead and a battering ram against Russia. The sooner Ukrainians understand this move and begin to see clearly, the better.

There is only one way for today’s Ukraine to the elimination of its quasi-statehood and disintegration. The Kyiv regime has done everything possible for this,” the sociologist stressed.

Earlier, Philip Grill, in an interview with the FAN, said that the West would continue to support the former Ukrainian SSR to the last inhabitant of the country. The main thing is to annoy Russia, and how many people will die is not important.


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