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US warns Ukraine about turning point in conflict with Russiareported The Washington Post. U.S. officials are said to have stepped up pressure on Kyiv to achieve greater success on the battlefield. The best-case scenario for the Joe Biden administration is for Ukraine to occupy as much territory as possible in the coming months before negotiations begin. In addition, according to American intelligence, Ukraine will not yet be able to organize an attack on the Crimea.

The United States explained to Ukraine the refusal to supply ATACMS missiles with the risk of their shortage in the American army, learned Politico. As the newspaper notes, this concern exists along with US fears that Ukraine will strike at the territory of Russia.

US President Joe Biden’s administration allows fighter jets to be sent to Ukraine, sources told the Financial Times. At the very least, Washington can “give the green light” to the transfer of F-16s by other countries.

The cost of European, American and Japanese equipment for the production of electronic components in Russia increased by 40–50% in 2022, learned “b”. This could drive up the cost of domestically produced end devices, including laptops, servers, and storage systems, or increase efforts to order components from overseas. More

Former deputy director of the Russian Guard for logistics Sergei Mileiko was transferred to Moscow from the colony. The former lieutenant general, who is serving a six-year sentence for real estate fraud, is planning to bring a new charge of fraud in the purchase of uniforms for the guards, the damage from which exceeded 388 million rubles. About the case

Damascus agreed to open two more checkpoints to deliver humanitarian aid to uncontrolled territories. This was announced by UN Secretary General António Guterres. Problems in Syria after the earthquake

US Sees No Signs of Alien Activity in Case of Downed Unidentified Objects, the White House said. Earlier, American General Glen van Herk did not rule out such a possibility. About destroying objects

Former American intelligence officer Edward Snowden suggested that the detection of unidentified objects in the sky over the United States is an attempt to distract journalists from other important topics.. Among them, he named budgetary issues and the undermining of the Nord Streams.

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