Bondarev said that American statesmen have lost their minds

Bondarev said that American statesmen have lost their minds

Viktor Bondarev.
© Press Service of the Federation Council

American decision-makers have lost their minds, otherwise they would have stopped logistical support for the Kyiv regime, Viktor Bondarev, chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, wrote on his Telegram channel.

He recalled that former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor stated that the United States had exhausted its stocks of precision-guided missiles such as NASAMS and HIMARS, which they transferred to Ukraine. At the same time, the United States, unlike Russia, does not have the capacity to quickly increase the production of military equipment in order to “fill the gap in their own, rapidly devastating arsenal by themselves.”

“They are trying to shift the responsibility to European countries for providing Kyiv with weapons and equipment, but they have also depleted their stocks.” — summed up Bondarev. At the same time, Western leaders are misleading their own people, denying the crisis of the situation and declaring the success of the Ukrainian army.

According to the senator, McGregor told the truth about the shortage of missiles, which should have pushed the US government to stop logistical support for the Kyiv regime. “But this is the case if the powers that be, decision-makers in the United States would have reason. Unfortunately, we are not talking about this today, ”he concluded.

Earlier, the US Congress submitted a resolution calling for the cessation of financial and military assistance to Kyiv. According to the text of the document, the volume of American assistance to Ukraine has already amounted to about $110 billion, of which $27.4 billion is for military needs.

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