Bill Gates believes that the appearance of the ChatGPT bot is comparable to the invention of the computer

Global Look Press |  Yoshio Tsunoda/AFLO
Global Look Press | Yoshio Tsunoda/AFLO

One of the founders of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, praised the emergence of a chat bot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT. The businessman compared this event to the invention of the personal computer.

Gates found advantages in the development of artificial intelligence. He noted that before reading and writing tasks were performed, and now the neural network is able to understand the content, reports the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

“This is as important as the PC and the Internet. This will be discussed, this is the hottest topic of 2023, ”the businessman shared his opinion in a conversation with Forbes.

Note that the capabilities of the neural network are experienced by users around the world. Earlier, a Russian student told how he used artificial intelligence when writing a diploma.


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