Bigg Boss 16 Day 130 Written Updates Media Asked Sharp Questions To The Five Finalists In The Bigg Boss House


Bigg Boss 16 Day 130 Written Updates: The episode of the 130th day of Bigg Boss begins with the Bigg Boss anthem. Priyanka tries to start a conversation with MC Stan and Shiva but both of them make fun of her and say that she is fake. After this, the media reaches the house today to roast the five finalists. After this Big Boss’s voice comes and Big Boss says that throughout the season I have been asking questions to the family members and now I hand them over to you and you can ask questions to whomever you want.

How did Shaleen recover after Tina left?
The reporter asks Shaleen the first question. Shaleen is asked that once you made fun of Nimrit’s emotional angle and told everyone that no one is talking to me, I am feeling low. How can he be normal when Tina is gone, is she fake or is she real? Shaleen replies to this that he is like that. They say that I feel very regret the way I spoke but that was not in my control. The emotional and mental trauma I was going through was not under my control, otherwise we would have lost our balance and would have talked everywhere. My heart and feelings were absolutely true.

Shiva became an actor under the direction of Sajid Khan?
After this the reporter asks Shiv whether Sajid Khan was the director and whether he had become an actor. You used to play the kind of games he used to play. You are nowhere to be seen as soon as Sajid goes out. So was his direction working for you to come in the top 5. On this Shiva replies that first of all I am not an actor but I am RAW, I have to become an actor. I liked Sajid Khan, so I considered him a friend. I didn’t know about Stan, he was upset in the first month but I became friends with him. Those who follow someone’s thought or opinion have gone home. Shiva further says that Sajid and he have a good bond and nothing was scripted in their friendship.

Priyanka and Shiv should have played together,
A journalist asked Shiv and Priyanka whether they didn’t think that both should have played together. On this Shiv and Priyanka reply that both of us had different methods of the game. Priyanka said that Shiv’s way of dealing with his friends is different and he supports his friends in a different way and I say on his face that this is wrong. Shiv also comments on how different the way they both deal with their friends.

Shiv will give up trophy for MC Stan,
Will Shiv give up the BB trophy for Bigg Boss 16 MC Stan? On this question of the reporter, Shiv says that I should say yes by becoming a hero here. After this Shiv very cleverly replies and says that he will be happy if MC Stan wins but he will be even more happy if he wins the trophy.

Priyanka and Archana’s friendship was of convenience
Priyanka and Archana’s friendship was of convenience. On this, Priyanka says that Archana has worked on her words and now I understand that she is like this. While Archana says that I used to react to small things and I liked Priyanka very much. We used to fight on small things, now I have started feeling that there is a bigger world than the kitchen.

What did Priyanka say on the tag of entering into the issue of others?
Priyanka was asked that her voice used to get louder when she put her foot in the shoes of others. He was even called on loudspeaker. What will be his retort on this? On this question, Priyanka answers that many times she used to feel that her voice is becoming her weakness here but then realized that all these together are making it my weakness here whereas it is my strength. If your voice is not visible even in Bigg Boss house, then what is the use?

How did Stan get to where he is now when he understands the game?
Stan is asked that he has been heard saying for a few days that he understood the game late, then what brought him here. Stan says that there is only one reason for the fans. After this, Stan says that understanding the game meant that the game of these people. After this, Stan is again asked that whenever it comes to the trophy, you say that why is the audience voting for you if the troupe wins? On this, Stan says that brother, I am only a part of the troupe, so I was talking about me too. After this Stan says that I have learned all this here only.

Shalin is weak in relation
Shaleen says that I am weak in terms of relationships and mind because I listen to my heart. You can’t be Heiman in everything. After this, Shaleen says that he is also a little confused. U say that I am not perfect. After this, Archana pulls Shaleen.

shiv playing sympathy card
Reporter asks Shiv that if he does something decent then it is wrong if you do it then it is right. When you got hurt in your eye, you did not react anything. On this, Shiva says that if I have to wash my face in the task then why have I come here. Even if I get any other injury in the task, I do not say anything. I don’t play cards, I don’t want to make any mistake, otherwise my vote will be lost. The reporter also asks Shiv that you are not a common man because you have come after winning the reality show. On this, Shiv says that I have not been able to reach what I want. After this, Bigg Boss says that now the question-answer session ends and Bigg Boss thanks the media.

Archana and Priyanka fight again in the kitchen
After this, once again Archana asks Priyanka for help in the kitchen, but Priyanka flatly refuses. After this Archana gets enraged and she has a fight with Priyanka. Archana then calls Priyanka a slacker. With this, the episode of the 130th day of Bigg Boss ends.

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