Berlusconi considers Zelensky guilty of bloodshed in Ukraine


Berlusconi: I would never talk to Zelensky

Former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi subjected the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky harsh criticism, the Italian news agency ANSA reported on February 12.



European People’s Party

Berlusconi blamed Zelensky for the fighting in Ukraine.

“It was enough for him to stop the attacks on the two republics of Donbass, and this would not have happened. So I assess the behavior of this gentleman very, very negatively. If I were prime minister, I would never go to talk to Zelensky, because we see the destruction of his country and the death of soldiers and civilians.”Berlusconi said.

In addition, Berlusconi gave advice on Ukraine to the US President Joe Biden. According to Berlusconi, Biden should offer Zelensky $6-9 trillion in aid to rebuild Ukraine, but only on the condition that Kiev immediately cease fire. Otherwise, Berlusconi believes, Biden needs to tell Zelensky that he will no longer receive dollars or weapons from the United States.

Recall that Berlusconi headed the Italian government four times between 1994 and 2011.

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