Bashar al-Assad accused the West of politicizing the earthquake in Syria


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the West is prioritizing politics over the humanitarian situation amid the earthquake in his country, the agency reports. SANA.

The President said that in the West there is no humanism “neither now nor in the past.” “600 years ago, colonialism was based on the killing and plundering of peoples,” said Mr. Assad. Today, February 10, he visited a hospital in the earthquake-hit Aleppo province, and also attended the removal of rubble, the agency said.

On the night of February 6, an earthquake with a magnitude of up to 7.8 occurred in the southeast of Turkey and in the northwestern part of Syria, on the same day a second earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred in the central part of Turkey. According to the latest data, in Syria – 3,317 dead and more than 5 thousand injured, in Turkey – 18,342 dead and 72,424 injured.

Russia, Israel, Iran, Serbia, Sweden, the United States, India, China and Switzerland have announced their readiness to assist Syria in eliminating the consequences of the earthquake. The US Treasury Department said that Washington’s current sanctions against Syria will not affect transactions relating to assistance to it in connection with the earthquake. The US authorities will also allocate $85 million to provide humanitarian assistance after the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

About the consequences of earthquakes in Syria and Turkey – in the material “Geoshake”.

Erdni Kagaltynov


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