Ball hysteria is gaining momentum in the world


“Kommersant”: ball hysteria is gaining momentum in the world

In the world, “ball hysteria” is gaining momentum. After the fourth aircraft destroyed by the United States, the authorities of many countries began to look closely at celestial bodies and closely monitor the reliability of protecting their territory.


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According to information “Kommersant“, US Air Force General Glen van Herk admitted that experts at the country’s Ministry of Defense could not determine what the last three devices were, due to which they stayed in the air and where they flew from.

Unlike the first Chinese balloon, the other three are deliberately not called “balloons”, since it is not clear what they are. And the general did not rule out their alien origin “or any other explanation.”

As reported IA REGNUM, February 4, the US military shot down a balloon off the coast of South Carolina, February 10 – a balloon in the sky over Alaska, February 12, the parties jointly shot down a flying object over Canada. On the same day in the evening, the Americans destroyed the fourth ball over Lake Huron, which was moving along the US-Canada border.


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