Babies born from frozen embryos get sick no more often than usual

The method of IVF or in vitro fertilization has been quite popular both in Russia and around the world for many years. However, to this day there is a myth that children born from frozen embryos get sick more often than those conceived naturally. Is this true?

She explained that often the biomaterial – eggs, sperm, embryos – is frozen or cryopreserved, because in this form it can be stored for an arbitrarily long time. At the moment, there are two methods of cryopreservation of embryos: slow freezing and vitrification. The latter method is more suitable for thawing and subsequent pregnancy and should be used first, the doctor continued.

Thanks to vitrification, it is possible to achieve almost 100% survival of embryos after thawing. In addition, the fetus can withstand up to two dozen “defrost-freeze” cycles. Therefore, if doctors offer this method, Life’s interlocutor recommends agreeing without hesitation.

As the reproductologist explained, the essence of this method is ultra-fast freezing: the biomaterial is placed in a cryoprotective solution that protects it from damage at a temperature of -196 ° C, and the cells in this state pass into a jelly-like state, and then they are immersed in liquid nitrogen. According to the doctor, slow freezing has already left the scene and vitrification has rightfully become the only type of cryopreservation.

“Previously, concerns about the safety of vitrification were associated with the impact on pregnancy and the health of unborn babies. But studies have shown that the method itself does not reduce the frequency of pregnancy. In addition, vitrification does not affect the health of children born using this method” , — Shulga said.

Life’s interlocutor emphasized that the main factor in the health of a child born as a result of IVF is the health of his parents and their age at the time of cryopreservation of germ cells and embryos, especially the mother. In addition, the possibility of transmitting infections through liquid nitrogen is a real myth.

“Thus, freezing the biomaterial does not affect its quality in any way. On the contrary, it is a powerful tool in the hands of a doctor, which increases the chance of pregnancy and reduces the cost of treatment,” — summed up the doctor.


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