Astrakhan college students make camping stoves for SVO participants

Astrakhan college students make camping stoves for SVO participants

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Students and teachers of the Astrakhan State College of Professional Technologies (AGKPT) responded to the initiative of the Duma of the Astrakhan region to manufacture a batch of camping stoves for participants in the SVO. Speaker Igor Martynov, together with the Minister of Education and Science of the region Yegor Ugarov, visited the college to see how the work is progressing.

Astrakhan deputies are in constant contact with fellow countrymen who are taking part in a special military operation. Several tens of tons of humanitarian cargo have already been sent. Essentials, medicines, means of communication – everything that the fighters themselves ask for. Another request – camp stoves, which are simply necessary in winter conditions.

“More than 20 furnaces have already been manufactured. In total, 54 products will be sent to the NWO zone, ”Elena Shashina, head of department No. 3 of the AGKPT, told Igor Martynov. Assembly is carried out in the workshop, which was opened as part of the national project “Education” in 2019. The source material for the manufacture of furnaces was provided by the deputy of the Duma of the Astrakhan region Vladimir Lantsman.

According to Nikolai Bezborodov, the master of industrial training, the guys literally fought for the right to participate in the assembly of furnaces. “Many people have relatives and friends in the war zone. There are many of our graduates. Therefore, everyone readily responded, and we do our work with soul and full responsibility,” he stressed. The students of the teacher supported and confirmed that this is an opportunity for them to contribute to the support of those who defend their homeland.

“It is very important that the guys understand why and for whom they are doing it, empathize,” summing up the meeting, Igor Martynov noted. – Special thanks to the leadership and teachers of the college for supporting our initiative. The college is actively developing, and it is significant that here they not only provide knowledge, but also pay attention to patriotic education.”

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