Argentina will begin a mass withdrawal of residence permits from Russians who left the country

Mass withdrawal of residence permits (RP) from holders of Russian passports will begin in Argentina. Russians who gave birth to a child in the country, but then left it, will be left without documents, about which informs local TV channel C5N.

The editorial staff of the TV channel also cites the following data – on average, 30 pregnant Russian women arrive at Buenos Aires airport per day.

Those Russians who “came to get a residence permit because their child is Argentine, but at the same time spent more time outside than inside the country”which was confirmed by the national director of the country’s migration service Florencia Carignano. All such cases in Argentina will be considered in court if the Russian spent only one month in the country, then left and did not come back.

Florencia Carignano also clarified that 10.5 thousand Russians visited Argentina over the past year.

EADaily recalls that Russian citizens can stay in Argentina without a visa for up to 90 days. Children born in this country automatically receive citizenship, and their parents can become holders of Argentinean passports through a simplified procedure.

The fact that Argentina decided to put an end to “maternity tourism” from Russia EADaily reported earlier with reference to the same Carignano. But then the official clarified that it was not about one month of residence in the country, but that the Russians did not stay in Argentina for a long time.

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