Argentina began to cancel the residence permit of Russian citizens

In Argentina, they began to cancel the residence permit for citizens of the Russian Federation who left after the birth of a child

The validity of the residence permit of Russian citizens who received it in Argentina in connection with the birth of a child, but left the country, began to be canceled by the country’s migration service. This was announced on February 10 by the national director of the migration service Florencia Carignano TV channel C5N.




As Carignano clarified, the issue of suspension of a residence permit or Argentine citizenship will be considered in court. The Migration Service will submit data, and if it turns out that a citizen “spent a month in Argentina and never came back” then the fate of such a person will be decided by the court.

“If the court, despite these data, wants to grant citizenship to a person who does not live and did not live in Argentina, this is his business,” Carignano explained.

Previously IA REGNUM reported that the Argentine authorities denied entry to the country to six pregnant Russian citizens, due to the fact that they indicated the false purpose of the visit. Women came to Argentina to give birth to a child here, so that he would receive Argentine citizenship, and his mother – a residence permit.

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