Appearance Baerbock – four minutes of disinformation and voter deception

At an election campaign event in Berlin, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also spoke about her Ukraine policy. She simply sounds cynical because she obviously doesn’t care about the lives of the Ukrainians and the threat of total destruction of the country.

By Gert Ewen Ungar

The German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, appeared at a campaign event organized by the Greens for the Berlin elections and campaigned for votes. She also spoke about the Ukraine war and unleashed a firework of disinformation for her audience. It is more than astonishing how resistant the German chief diplomat is not only to facts, but also to feedback from her colleagues abroad. With its position on the Ukraine conflict, Germany is largely isolated internationally. Baerbock knows that because she is regularly held up to it. However, she keeps it secret from the voters whose votes she is trying to win. That is unfair. But that’s not the only distortion of the truth, of course.

Baerbock, for example, claims that the Greens are also defending their own freedom by supplying arms and supporting Ukraine. This is only correct insofar as the Greens are jointly responsible for an increasing climate of repression in Germany. When Baerbock talks about freedom, she seems to mean the freedom that allows the Greens to ban and cancel other opinions and attitudes.

Forced recruitment across the country - Ukraine is running out of men

Forced recruitment across the country – Ukraine is running out of men

The Greens are threatening the freedom of “all of us” much more than Russia. On the contrary, the climate in Russia is less polluted and the atmosphere freer. The constant thinking about what you can say to whom on which topic, what upheavals this could entail, to whom you open up with regard to current topics and to whom you prefer to keep your mouth shut is now significant for the social climate in Germany, but not for Russia.

There is really nothing Russia can do about this repressive development in Germany – it is their own fault. On the contrary, it is the resistance to facts in politics and the media that has led to this repressive climate in Germany.

Everything Baerbock says in a short four-minute excerpt is highly debatable and questionable. But exactly this discussion does not take place in Germany and is actively prevented. Under the guise of having to take action against Russian disinformation, free discourse is being abolished. The Greens play a key role in this development.



“It’s not worth it” – Ukrainians don’t want to die for Zelensky’s goals

The Russian attack on Ukraine is an attack on the European peace order, Baerbock claims and argues ahistorically – as always, one might add. The European peace order was terminated with the USA’s unilateral withdrawal from arms control treaties, as well as with the eastward expansion of NATO and the EU. The reference to non-alignment does not go far enough, because the choice of alliance has to be subordinate to more global security policy considerations. A country must not increase its security to the detriment of another country. But that is exactly what has happened for more than three decades and every warning from Russia has been ignored. Most recently, by the way, a few days before the start of the operation. Russia demanded security guarantees from the US and NATO and received only an evasive answer. Baerbock doesn’t say a word about it.

This principle of security policy balance is enshrined in all relevant international agreements. Also in the UN charter mentioned by Baerbock. Baerbock hides this and deceives her voters. The Ukraine crisis has a history in which Germany was significantly involved. It is therefore of deep immorality what Baerbock is presenting in Berlin.

Liberated from any ethics, it goes on. Baerbock does not want Ukraine to have to accept a “dictated peace”. Behind this well-meaning gesture lies bitter cynicism. The German Foreign Minister does not say that Ukraine has to pay a price in blood for Baerbock’s desire for a victory. It’s not their children who fall victim to him, nor is it any of their compatriots – at least for the time being. The bill for striving for a victory over Russia, issued in the currency of flesh and blood, has so far been paid exclusively by Ukraine.

War as an end in itself: The goal of German arms deliveries


War as an end in itself: The goal of German arms deliveries

In fact, Baerbock’s warmongering also means that the chances of a negotiated peace for Ukraine are becoming ever smaller. Pumping the Ukraine full of Western weapons while at the same time rejecting and sabotaging peace negotiations ultimately leads to the complete destruction of Ukraine and, in the foreseeable future, to its unconditional surrender. With her push for war, with her desire for a victory for Ukraine on the battlefield, Baerbock bears all military realities aside, for which she personally shares responsibility – please remember later who was ready to fight to the last Ukrainian . It was Baerbock, among others, who was willing to sacrifice the lives of Ukrainians.

One may consider Russia’s military special operation to be contrary to international law. However, everything that Germany and German foreign policy did and did not do in relation to Ukraine in the run-up to Russia’s invasion also violated international law. Baerbock knows this because she is regularly told so by her foreign colleagues. The USA, NATO, the EU and also Germany are partly to blame for the development towards war. This is now an international consensus. With the idiosyncratic, ahistorical view of the conflict, Baerbock and Germany are internationally isolated with their Western partners.

Baerbock’s apparent concern for civilians and children in Ukraine who have allegedly not been able to go to school for eleven months and are sitting in the basement is particularly cynical. Apart from the fact that it’s not true, because Russia’s massive attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure only began after Ukraine’s terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge in October 2022. But what shows particular moral meanness is the fact that Baerbock survived eight years of Donbass bombing people’s republics by Ukraine with devastating consequences for the civilian population.

Earthquake in the border region: Baerbock's cynical demand for the opening of the Syrian border


Earthquake in the border region: Baerbock’s cynical demand for the opening of the Syrian border

For the German Foreign Minister, the lives of the people in Donetsk and Lugansk are worth less, maybe simply worth nothing at all – they are not even worth mentioning to Baerbock.

The concealment of Ukraine’s eight-year shelling of the Donbass is a massive deception of the public. Baerbock knows that there was and is this shelling. The information about this is available to your ministry. Baerbock denies these attacks by concealing them. However, that doesn’t undo her.

It also denies the responsibility for world peace of all members of the UN Security Council. In addition to Russia and China, the USA, France and Great Britain are also permanent members of the Security Council and are responsible for securing world peace. According to Baerbock, however, only one of these countries bears a special responsibility and does not live up to it: Russia.



It’s not a concern about “Russia’s influence,” but a fear of dissent

This is a mockery of the facts, especially in view of the destructive policy of the USA for decades and in view of the warmongering role of Great Britain in the Ukraine conflict. It is the West that has subordinated international law to its power interests and breaks it whenever it serves its purposes. Baerbock is no exception. It too makes use of international law from the point of view of power politics and with great moral flexibility. International law only applies to Baerbock if it fits into the geopolitical stuff. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a reaction to this erosion of international law, which is being carried out by the West and Germany. Baerbock reverses cause and effect here.

She does it regularly and she does it for base motives. The central characteristic of their foreign policy is a Western and also German exceptionalism to which the world has to submit. Baerbock’s foreign policy is permeated by the colonial spirit, double standards and an arrogance rooted in racism, which obstruct her understanding of concepts such as law and order. Baerbock is without any ethical awareness.

Baerbock is an example of a politician with a deep cynicism and contempt for other opinions, perspectives and even facts if they do not fit into the ideologically formed world view. Baerbock despises democracy like hardly any other politician in Germany and she despises peace. Above all, she despises the people of Ukraine who are paying with their lives for Baerbock’s desire to defeat Russia.

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