Appeal from Germany to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine was signed by thousands


More than 200,000 Internet users supported a petition calling on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to immediately stop military support for Ukraine and rely on a diplomatic settlement of the conflict. Relevant Document published at

The initiators of the appeal called “Manifesto in support of peace” were the deputy of the Bundestag from the party “Left” Sara Wagenknecht and German publicist Alice Schwarzer. Before publication, the petition was also supported by 69 well-known public figures and politicians of Germany, including a former high-ranking German diplomat in the UN and the OSCE Michael von der Schulenburgeditor-in-chief of the Berliner Zeitung newspaper Holger Friedrichhead of the parliamentary energy committee Klaus Ernstex-European commissioner Günther Verheugenmilitary policy adviser to ex-Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel Erich Wada.

“We call on the chancellor to stop the escalation of the conflict over the supply of (Ukraine) weapons. Immediately. The head of the German government should initiate the creation of a strong alliance in support of a ceasefire both in Germany and in Europe. Now. Because every lost day means the death of a thousand people – and brings us closer to the third world war, the authors of the petition say.

In the appeal, Wagenknecht and Schwarzer note that the citizens of Europe fear a possible world and nuclear war. In their opinion, Ukrainians deserve solidarity, however, “if the fighting continues with the same intensity, Ukraine will soon turn into a depopulated, destroyed country”.

“Europeans are afraid for their future and the future of their children. German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock recently said that “we” are waging a “war against Russia”. Seriously?” — emphasized in the appeal.

The authors of the petition also note that the German authorities have repeatedly violated the previously designated “red lines” in matters of military support for Kyiv under pressure from the Ukrainian president. Vladimir Zelensky. Such a strategy of the chancellor “inexorably” brings the world closer to the beginning of a nuclear war, as it forces Russia to launch a “decisive counteroffensive.”

“Ukraine can win separate battles – with the support of the West. But it cannot win a war against the world’s largest nuclear power.” the authors state.

“We, the citizens of Germany, cannot directly influence either America, or Russia, or our European neighbors. But we can and must hold our government and chancellor to account and remind him of his oath: “Do no harm to the German people” Wagenknecht and Schwarzer summarize.

As the authors of the manifesto noted, on February 25 a rally will be held at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in support of efforts to achieve peace in Ukraine.

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