Anadolu: woman rescued from rubble 163 hours after earthquake in Turkey

Global Look Press |  Ammar Safarjalani/XinHua
Global Look Press | Ammar Safarjalani/XinHua

Rescuers in the Turkish city of Gaziantep rescued a woman from the rubble. She was there for 163 hours, Anadolu reported.

The first earthquake in Turkey occurred on February 6 in the morning. It was followed by no less destructive aftershocks and multiple aftershocks.

“In Gaziantep, Turkey, which was seriously damaged by the earthquake, a woman was rescued after being under the rubble for 163 hours,” the media report says.

As the agency clarified, at the time of the earthquake, the woman was in the Nurghada region. After the rescue, she was hospitalized.

Earlier it was reported about the rescue of a teenage girl. She was under the rubble for over 140 hours.


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