An employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations spoke about the horror at the discovery of children’s things and toys under the rubble in Turkey


An employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation from the Centrospas squad told Life about the elimination of the consequences of a series of deadly earthquakes in Turkey. Russian rescuers continue to work on clearing debris and evacuating residents in the disaster area.

A group from “Centrospas” eliminates blockages in the city of Kahramanmarash, where a Russian airmobile hospital is broken. According to our interlocutor, only they have unique equipment, all the rest arrived at the scene with ordinary tools.

“We are preparing sites for them and we say” Row! “These two piles (on the picture) – These are two ten-story houses. They formed like cards, people did not even have time to react. As we slept in beds, so we find them. But we also find survivors. So it’s not in vain that they came, ” he says.

Crews are working non-stop to save as many lives as possible, the rescuer said.

“It’s a miracle that they are alive when it’s minus 4 outside at night. The worst thing is when children’s things and toys come across among the wreckage. You understand that there was a nursery here, and you can find a child,” he confessed.


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