An air object was shot down over Lake Huron in the USA


The US Air Force has destroyed another object in US airspace. It was discovered in the skies over Lake Huron. It has not yet been specified what object we are talking about.

The destruction of the device was reported by members of the US House of Representatives from Michigan, Elissa Slotkin and Jack Bergman. US officials, on condition of anonymity, confirmed the congressmen’s information to The Associated Press.

Ms Slotkin tweeted that the object was “shot down by US Air Force and National Guard pilots.” Mr. Bergman said he was in contact with the Department of Defense “regarding operations in the Great Lakes region.” “The US military disabled another facility over Lake Huron,” he added.

The US Federal Aviation Administration previously briefly closed airspace over Lake Michigan. Michigan and Huron are part of the Great Lakes system on the US-Canada border. Huron is located on the territory of two countries.

This is the fourth object shot down in the skies of the United States and Canada since the beginning of February. The first was destroyed at the beginning of the month in South Carolina – the balloon belonged to China. The second balloon, whose identity has not yet been determined, was shot down in the sky over Alaska on February 10th. On February 12, an “unidentified object” was destroyed in Canada.

For more details, see Kommersant’s article “The Whole Sky Was Searched”.

Leonid Uvarchev


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