Americans are provoked, urging them to urgently leave Russia due to mobilization

The US Embassy in Russia urged US citizens not to visit Russia at all

America generates hot topics. In addition to hinting at the supposedly extraterrestrial origin of unknown flying objects shot down by fighter jets in the skies over Canada, the American embassy in Russia entered the information arena, whipping up panic with another call for the Americans to urgently leave the Russian Federation. The message of the diplomatic mission, published on February 12 on the official website, stated that in the event of mobilization in Russia, the embassy will not be able to protect the interests of citizens who simultaneously have Russian and US citizenship.



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The topic of mobilization in Russia is constantly pumped up by foreign media to provoke panic. So, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky in an interview with The Wall Street Journal the day before, February 12, he said bluntly that Russia was ready to start a new wave of mobilization, but could not solve the problem of a shortage of equipment and officers. It was also stated that Russia would allegedly carry out the second mobilization after evaluating the results of the current enhanced offensive in the Donbass.

In early February 2023, State Duma deputy Lieutenant General Andrey Gurulev (“United Russia”) said that he did not see the possibility of any mobilization” for about six months for sure. According to Gurulev, in order to mobilize the fighters, “they must be dressed, equipped, put on shoes, given weapons, ammunition, equipment and other material means.”

Information spreading in Russia that the country’s authorities are allegedly preparing for a new mobilization has no basis, the head of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation said on February 4 Viktor Bondarev. According to him, various “clairvoyants and foresighters”, having no information, simply escalate the situation, “to excite the people, sow discontent.”

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As reported IA REGNUM, another call for Americans to urgently leave the Russian Federation was published on February 12 on the official website of the American Embassy in Russia. Allegedly, when mobilization is announced, it will be impossible to help American citizens who simultaneously have citizenship of the Russian Federation and the United States. The diplomatic mission also urged US citizens not to visit Russia at all.

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