Ambassador Antonov: the return of the US Forces of Operations to Ukraine would be participation in the conflict


Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov commented on the publication The Washington Post on consideration in the United States of the possibility of resuming the work of the Forces of Operations in Ukraine. He believes that this would be Washington’s direct involvement in the conflict.

Mr. Antonov noted that so far we are talking only about the unconfirmed publication of the newspaper, but the appearance of “talks on the pages of one of the leading American publications about the likely dispatch of special forces to Ukraine is very indicative.” “They once again confirm that they are obsessed with an unrealizable dream of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia and are ready to take indescribable risks for this. In the event that the US leadership decides to resume the activities of the Special Operations Forces on Ukrainian territory, this will become an undisguised participation of the regular army in the current conflict, ”said Mr. Antonov in a commentary on Telegram.

According to The Washington Post, the Pentagon has previously urged Congress to resume funding for at least two top-secret programs in Ukraine. Their implementation was suspended at the beginning of 2022. Among them is the coordination by the US Special Operations Forces of certain actions of Ukraine. This applies to monitoring the movements of the Russian military and work in the information space.


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