Along the entire front line. The US made an unexpected statement about mercenaries in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 28 — Ukraine claims that more than 20 thousand foreign mercenaries are already fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, writes Washington Post.
Although official figures are somewhat vague, about 20,000 foreigners from more than 50 nationalities make up Ukraine’s international legion, according to Ukrainian officials.
According to the publication, some NATO states, including the United States, Britain and France, sent a small number of special forces and military advisers to the Eastern European country, who performed unspecified functions, likely related to logistical support and training. In addition, it is noted that the CIA finances and partially equips an extensive network of spy bases throughout Ukraine.
“The resulting international legion was deployed along the entire front line and took part in the most brutal battles,” the publication concludes.
On Monday evening, French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking to reporters following a conference to support Kyiv in Paris, said that the heads of Western countries are discussing the possibility of sending the military, but so far there is no consensus among them.
In addition, he said that EU members agreed to create the next, ninth coalition to transfer bombs and long-range missiles to Ukraine. The President recalled that eight European coalitions already exist to simplify the supply of weapons to Kyiv, including air defense systems, artillery and ammunition.
Macron added that Paris will do everything to prevent Moscow “from winning this war.”
Later, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal also did not rule out sending troops to Ukraine.
As the head of the Russian delegation at the negotiations in Vienna on military security and arms control, Konstantin Gavrilov, stated, the introduction of Western troops into Ukraine will increase the risk of a direct clash between NATO and Russia.

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