After the auction of WPL 2023, know how there will be a change in the life of the players, if someone will arrange for a roof, then other dreams will be fulfilled.


The first phase of the Women’s Premier League auction has been completed after which many players have been bought by the teams at good prices. After joining the team at a high price, many players will get a chance to fulfill their dreams and the financial condition will be better.

The first round of bidding for the Women’s Premier League has now been completed in India. This time the life of the players who have been bid in the auction has completely changed. The Women’s Premier League has not only provided a great platform to the players but has also given a new chance to their dreams to take flight.

Significantly, women’s cricket has got a new identity from the Women’s Premier League, which will increase more in the coming times. Apart from playing for the Indian team, many other players have also bid in this auction. There is no doubt that through the Women’s Premier League, the lives of the players will get a new lease of life. The economic condition of most of these players is not good. In such a situation, his life has found a new path through this speech.

If we talk about the players, then some of them have to buy a house, while some have to remove the burden of debt from their heads. In the Women’s Premier League auction on February 13, some players were bid for crores and some were bought by teams for lakhs of rupees.

Richa Ghosh
According to the information, she wants to buy a house in Kolkata with the amount received in the premiere. She believes that now she does not want to see her father working more and wants a flat in Koltaka. Let us tell you that Richa Ghosh has been bought by the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in the auction for Rs 1.9 crore. Richa’s father Manabendra Ghosh said that I cannot express my feelings in words. I have a lot of emotions going through my mind right now. That child has suffered a lot from a very young age and I feel responsible for it somewhere.

He said he used to travel 600 km from Siliguri to Kolkata by train and look for cheap hotels so that his daughter could take training. He told that money was a problem for us. I didn’t know anyone in Kolkata and used to find cheap hotels here so that we could stay and Richa could get training. Many times it so happened that we had to make Kolkata Maidan our home. Richa’s father says that he will buy a house for his daughter so that her daughter does not have to worry again and again for training and she can train near the ground.

Pooja Vastrakar
Pooja has been bought by the Mumbai Indians team for Rs 1.9 crore. Pooja is currently participating in the Women’s T20 World Cup. Pooja’s father Bandhan Ram Vastrakar, retired from BSNL, said that he wanted his daughter to put the money in a fixed deposit instead of spending it. He said that he could never imagine that his daughter would one day play for the country. His passion for cricket will fetch him so much money one day. Please tell that Pooja has been playing cricket since the age of four. He said that if his daughter brings home the T20 World Cup title this year, then there will be no greater happiness than this. Pooja’s co-worker Ashok Srivastava says that Pooja used to play better cricket than the girls with her. When he hit sixes in the academy, it seemed that some boy was hitting sixes. After this she was sent to play with the girls but she was way ahead of them. For a long time, Pooja practiced with the boys’ team under 14.

Renuka Singh
Indian fast bowler Renuka Singh Thakur has been bought by the Royal Challengers Bangalore team for Rs 1.5 crore. Hailing from Rohru in Himachal Pradesh, Renuka’s mother Sunita said that she has achieved everything because of her hard work and dedication towards sports. She said that initially she used to go to the field with her brother and play with the boys’ team. She always used to sit and watch the IPL matches, now she will also play the matches herself. It is like a dream come true for all. Let us tell you that on the basis of her hard work, Renuka emerged as the leading wicket-taker in the BCCI Women’s One Day Trophy in the year 2019 with 23 wickets. He said that it is expected that seeing the hard work of Renuka, the spirit of other girls of the village will also be awakened and they too will be inspired to do something. He said that Renuka is planning to build a new house for the family with the amount received from the auction.

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