After shooting down mysterious flying objects: US general does not want to rule out aliens

The commander of US Northern Command does not rule out that extraterrestrials could be behind the missiles that were brought down from the skies in North America last week. According to General VanHerck, this should be dealt with by the secret services.

After the US military shot down several mysterious missiles over the skies of North America last week, General Glen VanHerck, who also heads the North American Air Defense Command NORAD, said he could not rule out aliens as an attempt at an explanation. In a post by time-Magazine he is quoted as saying:

“I’ll leave that to the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies to figure out. I haven’t ruled anything out at this point.”

The US general answered a reporter’s question as to whether the Pentagon could rule out that extraterrestrials were behind the ominous flying objects. VanHerck’s comment came during a news conference Sunday (local time) after a US F-16 fighter jet shot down an octagonal object over Lake Huron on the US-Canada border in the state of Michigan. US fighter jets had already brought down two unidentified flying objects on Friday and Saturday. One off the coast of the US state of Alaska, the other over northern Canada. So far, there are no details on what the objects were, where they came from and what their destination was. According to its own information, the Pentagon is now trying to recover debris, which should provide information about the background. VanHerck acknowledged that the US military was at a loss as to the origin of the missiles. He explained:

“I’m not going to categorize them as balloons. We call them ‘objects’ for a reason. I can’t categorize them in terms of how they stayed in the air.”

None of the flying objects presented a threat on the ground, according to the US general. However, they have been classified as a security risk for civil air traffic and as a potential surveillance threat. US Assistant Secretary of Defense Melissa Dalton noted that all three recently shot down objects were different from the Chinese balloon that was shot down in early February. At that time, the US military announced that it had discovered a suspected Chinese spy balloon in the sky over the state of Montana in the north-west of the USA. After the discovery of the balloon, the government took immediate action to “prevent the disclosure of sensitive information,” said Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder. Shortly after the balloon flew over the South Carolina coast and reached open sea, it was shot down with a missile by a US fighter jet.

US stealth plane shoots down unidentified flying object over Canada

US stealth plane shoots down unidentified flying object over Canada

The Chinese Foreign Ministry then published a protest on its official website against the measures taken by the USA which had led to the downing of the “civilian unmanned airship”. Beijing underlined that it was a purely civilian object that posed no threat and that it accidentally entered US airspace. In addition, China’s foreign office pointed out that it immediately informed the United States of the incident in order to prevent hasty action. In this context, Beijing reserves the right to take countermeasures, it said.

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