A serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces Shmel spoke about practicing the assault on the training ground


A serviceman with the call sign Shmel spoke about the training of Russian assault detachments at the training ground

Experienced instructors are preparing Russian assault units for battles in the zone of a special military operation, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports on February 10 in its Telegram channel.

Russian Armed Forces

Russian Armed Forces

Ministry of Defense.rf

Detachment commander of the RF Armed Forces with callsign Bumblebee told the details of the assault training at the training ground in the rear area.

“At this range, coordination is being carried out with military personnel. Single training, coordinating squads, platoons, coordinating the company and the detachment itself for offensive operations, and in order to knock out the enemy from fixed positions and thereby inflict fire damage on him “the soldier said.

Preparation of assault units in the rear area of ​​the NWO. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

It is noted that a separate stage in the course of training is the development of an assault on trenches. In addition, the military is trained to move in pairs in a small space, which allows you to hone coherence when operating in mobile groups.

As reported IA REGNUMOn February 7, the Russian Ministry of Defense published a video recording of the training of mobilized servicemen of the RF Armed Forces at one of the training grounds of the Western Military District.


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