A Rostov woman suffered from pain for three months due to a cockroach stuck in her ear

wikipedia.org |  Lmbuga / CC BY-SA 3.0
wikipedia.org | Lmbuga / CC BY-SA 3.0

A resident of Rostov-on-Don went to the doctors complaining of earache and nasal congestion. The woman admitted that the discomfort began three months ago. “KP”.

The results of a physical examination showed the presence of whitish masses with black blotches in the external auditory meatus of a 52-year-old patient. After washing, it became clear that this was part of the abdomen of a cockroach. Later, the woman said that shortly before the onset of ear pain, her apartment was treated for insects.

In Moscow, one of the apartments was attacked by hundreds of cockroaches. The invasion of insects began after the flood in the basement, where they lived before.


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