A resident of Uzbekistan with hand pathology works as an electrical repairman


From a resident of Uzbekistan Dilmurod Zhabborov congenital pathology of the hands, but this did not prevent him from mastering the basics of electrical repair. He learned to manipulate a screwdriver and a soldering iron with his mouth.

Cell phones, televisions and radios – these and other electrical appliances are given a new life thanks to the Uzbek master. According to Dilmurod’s memoirs, he became interested in repairing equipment as a child. The first “prototype” was a home TV.

“When I was young, I couldn’t work, I didn’t have a profession, I was bored. Our TV was old and broke every week. Masters often came to us to repair. I watched them. I got interested in this. Having bought a soldering iron, I learned how to solder. I started repairing various appliances, neighborhood radios.”– recalls the master.

Having mastered the device and the principle of operation of Soviet electrical engineering, Dilmurod took up more complex units – cell phones. He gets all the information he needs from the Internet. The master admitted that employment for him as a person with disabilities is the meaning of life.

“At first my father was against this work, he said that I would not succeed, that it would be very difficult. I even broke a few appliances, the masters told me not to try to fix anything anymore. I said that I would still work as a master, otherwise there would be no interest in life.– said Dilmurod Zhabborov.

Now there are already five students in the group of a resident of Uzbekistan. He teaches them the art of repair and the interior of electrical appliances. The master is not going to stop there and continues to develop by reading books and studying videos on the Internet. The main principle of Dilmurod is not to return the device until he fixes it.


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