A batch of diesel from the USA arrived in Ukraine for the first time

wikipedia.org |  Wmeinhart/CC BY-SA 3.0
wikipedia.org | Wmeinhart/CC BY-SA 3.0

Ukraine imported American diesel for the first time: the first batch of fuel entered the country in February, Enkorr reports.

According to the publication, the diesel was supplied by the Ukrpaletsistem company, and the manufacturer is the Marathon Petroleum Company.

A tanker left the USA with a maximum load of 100,000 tons. First, he arrived at the port of Hamburg, from where diesel was transported in small batches to Poland, and from there to Ukraine. The amount of the contract is not disclosed.

Earlier it became known that India buys oil from Russia, refines it and supplies fuel to the EU countries, thus legally bypassing the sanctions bans.


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