A 17-year-old Russian woman who did not know about the pregnancy was hospitalized with appendicitis and gave birth in the toilet

In Stupino, near Moscow, a 17-year-old girl did not know about her pregnancy and suddenly gave birth in the toilet of a hospital where she was hospitalized with appendicitis. Life shares the details of what happened.

According to a source, the girl met with a 21-year-old guy last summer, but soon her lover left the city. The expectant mother assures that she did not notice any signs of an “interesting situation”, only sometimes she was disturbed by heartburn. She recently complained to her parents about abdominal pain. The girl was taken by ambulance to the Semashko Serpukhov hospital, suspected of having appendicitis.

In the emergency department, the young patient went to the toilet, where she gave birth to a boy. The baby and his mother were immediately taken to the hospital, now everything is fine with them. As it turned out, it was the sixth month of pregnancy. The girl’s mother throws up her hands, saying that the daughter is inclined to be overweight, so no one noticed her stomach. No one has any claims against the father of the child, presumably, the young man managed to leave for the special operation zone.

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