30-year-old “columbiner” planned a terrorist attack in Mordovia


Officers of the UFSB in Mordovia detained a 30-year-old man who planned to arrange a massacre in places of large crowds of people, the Siloviki telegram channel reports.

The suspect turned out to be a follower of the Columbine terrorist ideology (banned in the Russian Federation). This ideology advocates mass executions in educational institutions. A Columbiner from Mordovia used social media to glorify all previous terrorist attacks of this kind. In his personal diaries, the suspect carefully described how he would commit mass murder according to the rules of Columbine, and then die himself. These recordings further confirm that the suspect was a Columbine adept. Almost every well-known “columbiner” before committing a terrorist act publicly stated that he would first kill unarmed people, and then commit suicide.

During the search, the suspect was found to have a Saiga carbine and a traumatic pistol officially registered to him. The suspect’s personal diaries were also seized. A resident of Mordovia during interrogations admitted that he suffers from frequent bouts of unmotivated aggression, feels hatred for himself and others. The suspect was placed in a psychiatric hospital.

September 26, 2022 34-year-old columbiner from Izhevsk Artem Kazantsev attacked the students of his former native school, killed 13 children. June 11, 2022 a high school student from Belgorod named Kirill threatened in social networks: if he does not pass the exam, he will kill classmates and teachers, then he will specifically attack the police so that the police will kill him. Kirill compared himself to the Perm “columbiner” Timur Bekmansurov. The failed terrorist was placed in a closed mental hospital. At the end of May 2022, a certain Artem Kovalkov – recruiter of teenagers in the ideology of “Columbine”. Kovalkov said during interrogations that he, in turn, was recruited by Ukrainian terrorists from Azov* (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) around January 2022. According to Kovalkov, the “Azovites” last year planned school attacks in Moscow, Belgorod, and Tatarstan.

*Terrorist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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