1.95 lakh forest fires over the past decade in India, Lockheed Martin can help, says exec

India has seen 1.95 lakh forest fires Over the past nine years, and utilizes bambi pots to extinguish flames, stated an executive. American Aerospace company Lockheed Martin Here at a Press Conference Sunday. The Interest firefighting It has grown from operators around the world, including India According to the executive, global warming has occurred over the last three years.

Timothy J German, Director, Global Pursuits, Lockheed Martin It was stated that C130s have supported firefighting for more than 50 years, and in the last nine-years there have been 1,95,000 forestfires. IndiaIt is mainly concentrated up to the northeast and central mountains.

“We have seen the demand for firefighting grow globally throughout the recent years. India uses bambi buckets tethered to helicopters to put out forest fires. It can transport 3,000 litres of water in this manner to the fire. Whereas when the C130 is equipped for firefighting, it can transport 11,500 litres of fire retardant, which is a game changer. It is versatile. There is a roll-on, roll-off capability to it where it can run missions in the morning and come back from firefighting. Within three hours, it will be doing airlift again,” German.

Modular Firefighting systems in the aircraft can drop thousands or gallons of water or fire retardant in seconds. Crews of C-130J aircraft can fly at low speeds over rugged terrain to zoom in on specific targets. Hot spots According to company executives, they will also drop fire retardant below the ground to aid firefighters.

Among Other uses for the military transport aircraft include aerial refueling and VIP support, medical evacuation, cargo deliveries, airdrop, arctic assistance, aerial spray, humanitarian help, and maritime patrol. The Indian Air Force A fleet of 12 C-130Js is also available for tactical airlift missions.

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