America should not be under any illusions on Taiwan, we will not compromise; furious china’s instructions

China has once again told America about the Taiwan issue. China has said that no agreement of any kind is possible on Taiwan and America should have no illusions about it. The Chinese Defense Ministry said…

Trump’s party MP gave a record breaking speech in the US Parliament, spoke all night and the Biden administration bill stuck

An MP from the party of former US President Donald Trump gave a record speech in the country’s parliament. Due to his speech that lasted more than 8 hours, an important bill of the Joe Biden administration was also stuck. Thursday… .

Jinping threatens Biden, says China will take tough measures against Taiwan separatists

On the one hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden are talking in an atmosphere of tension. Meanwhile, China has once again threatened Taiwan. Jinping has said that China should…

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping meet virtually as US China chasm widens

A virtual meeting took place between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping today amidst ongoing escalation on many issues including Corona, Taiwan. Beginning the virtual meeting with China’s Xi Jinping, Joe Biden said that his goal is to ensure that competition does not turn into conflict. The two leaders have met virtually … Read more

Taiwan got another helper, together with America, Australia can remove China’s arrogance

Australia’s Defense Secretary Peter Duttle has said it would be “unthinkable” for Australia not to be with the US if the US takes action to protect Taiwan. US Secretary of State Antony…

US blacklisted Israel NSO group maker of Pegasus spyware worldwide controversy over snooping in

The US on Wednesday blacklisted Israel’s NSO Group. This is the same group that created Pegasus spyware. There was also a lot of discussion about the espionage scandal. Earlier in its investigation, a media consortium found that Pegasus was used to hack and spy on the phones of various politicians, businessmen, human rights activists and … Read more

Taliban has formed an army of suicide bombers, will soon be deployed in these areas; merits noted

The Taliban has created an army of suicide bombers. Soon these bombers will be deployed in the Badakshan region of Afghanistan. Mullah Nisar Ahmed Ahmadi, the Lieutenant Governor of this region, in a conversation with the media, said this.

top US military officials advised keeping 2500 American troops in Afghanistan warned Joe Biden against withdrawal

The top US military official, who appeared for the first time in Congress (Parliament) to testify on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, revealed on Tuesday that he had advised President Joe Biden that some two and a half thousand soldiers in Afghanistan should be put on standby. should keep. Not only this, he also … Read more

After decades, PM’s plane reached Washington without stopping in Germany, the wonder of Air India One Plane

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently in the US to attend the Quad Summit and address the United Nations General Assembly. The Prime Minister left for the US on Wednesday on an Air India flight.

A strange phenomenon was discovered in the Russian-speaking area of the largest US city


Reddit users have discovered a Russian-speaking area on the maps of New York Reddit user G8g8g8 published several maps of New York, which indicated the most common languages ​​in different areas of the city. Commentators have discovered a strange phenomenon in the Russian-speaking quarter. Judging by the map, English turned out to be the most … Read more

In the United States, they found that COVID vaccination reduces the risk of dying if infected by 11 times

coronavirus, virus, delta variant of COVID-19, delta variant

People who have not been vaccinated against the COVID-19 coronavirus die 11 times more often when infected with the virus than those vaccinated. As reported by with reference to The Hill, this is evidenced by data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “The study, which involved more than 600 thousand … Read more