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Anti-Israel Protests Could Hinder Biden’s re-election



Protests in the United States in support of Palestine and against Israel have been largely curbed.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden (Image source: Twitter)

The protests, which began relatively peacefully more than two weeks ago, have clashed with police. Many have been arrested during the protests.

Biden is trying to boost his ratings with speeches in Washington, but people know he has some flaws.

On April 17, a tent “Gaza Solidarity Camp” emerged on the campus of Columbia University in New York. Lectures were given there, explaining the essence of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and documentaries were shown.

The main demand of the protesters was that American companies, scientific institutions and even the authorities should stop cooperating with Israel.

They were protesting it peacefully, but due to their protest, there was no kind of understanding or discussion with them, instead, the police asked them to vacate the area.


Some students have also been expelled from the college, they did not go out of the college when they were protesting, they were inside the college, but more than 100 of them were arrested.

But the teachers who are dissatisfied with the activities of the university administration support the students.

Adding fuel to the fire, Google fired employees who opposed joint projects with Israel. Now the agitators have demanded reinstatement of all expelled students and sacked employees.

The University of Michigan allowed peaceful demonstrations. In some places they limited themselves to relatively mild arrests; at the University of Texas at Austin, police dispersed demonstrators on horseback; in Atlanta, they used pepper bullets; in Los Angeles, they used tear gas; and in Ohio, they even brought in snipers.


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