ZVO fighters shot down APU drones using small arms

The Ministry of Defense showed the Ukrainian UAVs shot down by the Russian military from small arms

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Russian fighters of the Western Military District managed to shoot down Ukrainian drones from small arms. This is evidenced by the video Telegram channel Ministry of Defense.

“To combat enemy UAVs, servicemen <…> use anti-drone guns. Some fighters shoot down the “flying birds” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of small arms,” the ministry said.

The commander of the security platoon with the call sign “Leopold” shot down an enemy drone “Leleka100”. The drone conducted aerial reconnaissance and approached the helicopter parking lot.

He clarified that while on duty he noticed an apparatus that was flying at an extremely low altitude.

“There are few such cases, but they do happen. Heard a lot of stories about it. I myself did not expect to see him either, ”said the fighter.

Previously, the Russian military used smart bombs to attack targets in the Kherson region.


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