Zhurova spoke about the work on the bill on additional payments to coaches’ pensions

Zhurova spoke about the work on the bill on additional payments to coaches' pensions

Svetlana Zhurova.
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The draft law on additional payments to the pensions of coaches of champions was submitted to the State Duma a year ago and even passed the first reading, but in that version of the document, a very limited number of specialists received the right to receive such an allowance. Svetlana Zhurova, First Deputy Chairman of the Chamber Committee on International Affairs, spoke about this on Friday.

The deputy explained that, according to the original version of the bill, only those coaches who were part of the official delegation of the Olympic team could apply for the surcharge.

According to her, after the first reading, the need to supplement the bill became obvious, about which she, together with the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, Mikhail Terentyev, began to signal.

“Mostly it was at the request of the Paralympic athletes, because it affected their coaches first of all. That first version of the law especially limited them precisely in receiving this additional payment to the pension. Because in connection with the events that took place the last two Olympics and Paralympics: the Paralympics did not take place at all for ours, there were very limited lists of ROCs, whom we were allowed to include in the delegation, ”quotes FAN Zhurov.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Elena Bibikova reminded who can retire early. She explained that this can be done if there is the required number of individual coefficients (IPC), taking into account transitional provisions: in 2023, the indicator should be 25.8 IPC, in 2024 – 28.2, in 2025 and later – 30 IPC.

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