Zemfira denied obtaining French citizenship – Kommersant

Singer Zemfira (recognized as a foreign agent) commented on the information about obtaining French citizenship. She stated that she does not plan to acquire any other citizenships besides Russian.

“I am a citizen of the Russian Federation, and I do not have and will not have any other citizenships. I demand the Ministry of Justice to prove foreign funding for me, which I never had in my life, ”Zemfira wrote (spelling and punctuation of the author.— “b”) on Instagram (owned by the extremist and banned in the Russian Federation Meta).

The Telegram channel announced today that Zemfira received French citizenship Shot without reference to the source. The project claimed that the singer had been living in France for about a year and a half. IN extract from the register of registration of Zemfira’s company in the Commercial Court of Paris, the column “citizenship” indicates “French”.

After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Zemfira left Russia. She publicly spoke out against the military operation. The Ministry of Justice declared her a foreign agent on February 10, 2023. The justification of the department stated that the singer “openly spoke in support of Ukraine, carrying out concert activities in unfriendly countries”, “received support from foreign sources.” On May 12, it became known that Zemfira filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Justice demanding that the decision to include her in the list of foreign agents be declared illegal.


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