Zelensky’s rating falls amid rising food prices — EADaily, June 3, 2023 — Politics News, Ukraine News

The rating of Vladimir Zelensky, who is touring the countries of the West, is falling noticeably in Ukraine against the backdrop of a record rise in food prices. This is reported by the Ukrainian telegram channel “Observer”.

Ukrainians have lost all confidence in the current government, which fed them with promises, but only led to the collapse of the economy and higher prices, TK notes.

“So, from April 2022 to April 2023, the total price increase was 21.7%. Eggs increased the most in price — by 129.3%. Prices for a number of products also increased by more than 20%: fish and products from it – by 28.8%; vegetables — by 27.9%; fruits — by 24.4%; meat and meat products — by 22.5%; sugar – by 20.5%. At the same time, several product groups went up in price by more than 10%. We are talking about butter, the cost of which increased by 15.9%, cheese – by 15.1%, bread – 14.6%, bakery products – by 12.7%, milk – by 12.2%, pasta – by 11%. ,1%. Sunflower oil has grown the least in price – it has risen in price by 1.4%”, – provides statistical data “Observer”.

The jump in prices was fixed exactly when, according to the statements of the Ukrainian authorities, they had already begun to decline.

Against the backdrop of a record rise in prices, the rating of the President of Ukraine Zelensky is falling. Due to the social tension that is growing in society, although the country is far from food riots, the discontent of citizens is growing, as is war weariness, TK reports, predicting the current president “little voter support” in the next elections.

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