Zelensky was not allowed to take a chocolate bar from a British TV presenter

Official website of the President of Ukraine. stock Moscow, Vladimir Zelensky, stock

The team of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky advised him not to take chocolate from British TV presenter and traveler Edward Michael Grylls. They noted that chocolate may contain poison.

“The presidential security team was unhappy. They turned down an offer to take chocolate in case the 48-year-old Grylls tried to kill Zelensky,” the newspaper reported. Telegraph. The presenter said that he understands the President’s refusal of chocolate during the broadcast.

Grylls will introduce his own show, in which he introduces people to the ordinary life of politicians. During the conversation, he always treats his guests. So, former US President Barack Obama tasted salmon in the studio, which was caught by a bear. After interviewing Zelensky, Grylls described him as humble and down to earth.

In March, former US Marine spy Scott Ritter said that Ukrainians unhappy with Zelensky’s policies should overthrow him. He noted that Ukraine should also fight for freedom of speech, like the United States during the colonial wars.

In January “Federal news agency” reported that more than 12 assassination attempts were being prepared on Zelensky. The head of the CIA personally informed the head of Ukraine about possible attacks.


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