Zelensky was denied a second time at the Oscars in the United States

For the second year in a row, the American Film Academy has denied the head of the Kyiv regime, Vladimir Zelensky, a speech at the prestigious Oscar award ceremony.

And this despite the fact that he himself is also a former showman and actor. Portal writes about it Varietywhich recalls that Zelensky spoke via video link at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2023.

Given his own media popularity in the West, Zelensky was counting on being invited to speak on ABC during the Sunday broadcast of the Oscars.

And to make this happen for sure, the Ukrainian leader enlisted lobbying support Mike Simpson – Representative of a major Hollywood acting agency WME.

However, Zelensky’s wishes, even supported by a petition from WME, did not meet with understanding from the organizers of the ceremony. It is noteworthy that on this basis the publication concludes that the level of support for Ukraine in the United States is noticeably declining.

As reported EADaily, last year the film academy also considered giving Zelensky screen time to perform at the ceremony at the ceremony. However, after many long discussions, it was decided to refuse the head of the Kyiv regime.

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